Whether you are a true wine aficionado or just taking your first steps into the world of wine, De Wet Cellar offers a relaxed, intimate tasting experience in our beautifully renovated tasting lounge with outdoor patio and service attuned to guest interests and preference. If you would like to linger longer, try our popular cheese and meat platter wine pairing. We look forward to welcoming you.


Whether you are hosting a party, bridal shower or year-end function, our beautiful tasting lounge and outdoor patio will cater to your taste. We offer in-house assistance with planning your events.

We also offer an onsite Chef who will plan your food preferences with you and can recommend the perfect wine pairing for every course.
Whether intimate or more corporate, we can create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Winemakers Coffee

We have blended our own coffee and it is delicious! De Wet Cellar’s Winemaker’s House Blend is now available to purchase at our tasting lounge @R85 per packet (250 grams).

Six Dogs Distillery

Amazing news for all the gin aficionados! Six Dogs Distillery’s Blue Gin & Karoo Gin are now available to purchase at the De Wet Cellar tasting lounge.

Six Dogs Karoo
Six Dogs Karoo Gin is a delicate and balanced Gin of twelve select botanicals, distilled and bottled by us at Six Dogs Distillery. Its distinguishing botanicals are grown on our farm, which intersects three different bioregions including the Succulent Karoo. It is from here that we gather the Karoo Thorn flower and Wild Lavender that make our Gin unique amongst all the Gins in the world. Sip it and you will pick up the paired notes of Juniper and Wild Lavender that introduce the Karoo. What follows is a fresh medley of citrus including Limes, Mandarins and farm grown Lemon Buchu. Cassia, Chamomile and Angelica bind the heart of the Gin while the delicate flower of the Acacia Thorn adds a top note of soft sweetness. Six Dogs is best enjoyed as is, over ice and with a good tonic. It needs no garnish!